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A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole cereals, nuts, fish, chicken, and vegetable oils is the best one for preventing heart disease. Red and processed meats, processed carbs, meals and drinks with processed sugar, salts, and foods with trans-fats should be avoided. Dr. Mathan not only provides consultation, diagnosis and treatments but also appropriate diet that helps patients recover soon.


Jumping rope, running, surfing, cycling, playing sports, and vigorous jogging are some of the exercises that can prevent Dr. Mathan advises at 150 minutes of moderate per week of moderate activity, which he defines as heart-pumping aerobic exercise.

Weight Maintenance

People who have excess body fat in their livers suffer from major metabolic issues like insulin resistance, which impairs the body’s capacity to process sugar. Additionally, they produce more fat particles in the liver, which are then released into the bloodstream to raise levels of blood lipids, or fats, including triglycerides. Students’ weight loss is accelerated with Dr. Mathan’s assistance.


Having diabetes pushes people to succumb to heart diseases. People who are suffering from diabetes are most likely to have factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high chances of stroke. Dr. Mathan evaluates and analyses the diabetes and blood pressure levels of people in order to help them avoid heart health through which one can manage glucose and sugar levels.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a frequent illness where the blood’s long-term push against your arterial walls is so great that it may eventually result in health issues including heart disease. Blood pressure is influenced by both how much blood your brain pumps and how much resistance your arteries present to blood flow. Your blood pressure will increase as your arteries get more constricted and your heart pumps more blood. Dr. Mathan helps people in regulation of the blood pressure by providing needed assistance.


The constriction and blockage of coronary arteries are hastened by smoking. When anything, generally a blood clot, blocks the flow of blood to the heart, a heart attack occurs. Heart muscle starts to deteriorate in the absence of oxygen and nutrition. Depending on how much heart muscle is irreparably injured, a heart attack’s severity might vary. Other blood arteries are harmed by smoking as well. Peripheral arterial disease, which impairs blood flow, occurs when the arteries supplying the arms and legs with blood are impacted. In order to protect his patients from the wrath of heart-related disorders, Dr. Mathan offers them a variety of alternatives to smoking.

Drug Consumption

Cardiovascular illness is when the heart or blood vessels’ natural ability to perform their regular duties is compromised due to dysfunction or injury to the tissues of the organs (such as cardiac muscle or arterial walls). In order to provide the body’s many organs, including the brain, with nutrients and oxygen, these processes include the close and consistent “pumping” of blood in the body. Dr. Mathan helps people with all kinds of alcohol and drug abuse.

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